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Fashion English

The Catwalk speaks English!

12 custom-made levels!

Miami Fashion Business School (MFBS) and My Oxford English (Oxford University Press) introduce this online course which blends the fashion industry and the learning of a language.

For six months you will be able to enjoy one of the twelve levels that comprise this course which covers from A1 to C1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Additionally, on completion of any of the levels, and without any additional cost, you will be granted exclusive access to MFBS Fashion Glossary, developed using cutting edge technology. The glossary includes over 500 entries, all of them related to the world of fashion.

The course Fashion English is adapted to the knowledge of each student. It offers twelve levels that cover from A1 to C1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)  

The purchase of an English course gives you six months access to one of the twelve levels available. Additionally, you will have access to exclusive materials in mobile learning format.

Each level is structured in twelve units and includes four assessment tests.

Table of equivalences with the CEFRL:



The introduction to every unit, grammar explanations and vocabulary, as well as pronunciation instructions are given by a virtual teacher


This system lets you compare your pronunciation with that of a native speaker. You may interact in simulated conversations with the characters in a video, putting in practice what you have learned in each unit.


This course includes an online Oxford dictionary with British and American pronunciation audios and with the Grammar Bank, which is a grammar summary that offers theory and examples for all levels.


Unlimited access to My Oxford English Campus, an environment that reinforces the learning of the language through games, competitions, articles on current topics, grammar and vocabulary activities. It includes a library with over fifty eBooks, Oxford graded readers adapted to the course levels.

The course My Oxford English – MFBS provides the language and necessary skills to improve effective communication in English, incorporating specific fashion related vocabulary.

The contents in each level are structured in twelve teaching units and contain six blocks clearly identified: Introduction, Video, Grammar, Vocabulary, Conversation and Self-Check.

Characteristics of this online courses:

  • It has interactive and multimedia resources
  • It is user friendly, intuitive surfing
  • It is structured according to adapted pedagogical itineraries
  • It has an integrated assessment system
  • It allows access to offline contents
  • It facilitates communication tools
  • It guarantees support services
  • It offers learning resources
  • It integrates online tutorials



As a complement to the English language received, and once the six-month license has expired, you will be granted access to the MFBS Fashion Glossary. This glossary, fully developed for mobile learning use, includes over five-hundred entries, all of them related to the world of fashion.

Never Alone

Never alone

A team of tutors will always be available to guide and support you along the course, regardless of the level.

Time is your ally

Time is your ally

The contents that correspond to your level will be available on My Oxford English-MFBS online platform 24/7 for a period of six months. Access will be unlimited during this time, and students may do a number of complementary activities at your convenience to support of your language learning.

Each level is equivalent to 50 study hours.

Adapted to your level

Adapted to your level

Don’t you know your level of English? Before you start your My Oxford English-MFBS it is necessary that you do an online test that will assess your knowledge and will automatically recommend the right level among the twelve levels available. My Oxford English-MFBS also offers the possibility to revise the level assigned within the first ten days to ensure that the student has been assigned the correct level. Should a change be required, this can be done as long as you keep to this period of time.

And to conclude...

And to conclude...

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of achievement issued by Oxford University Press, CENP and MIAFW.