Terms and conditions


1. MFBS  - General purchasing conditions

Down below are the conditions of purchase that apply to the products offered through the MFBS online sales platform, hosted on the web site http://fashionbusinessschool.miamifashionweek.com which is the property of APLICACIONES PROFESIONALES CENP S.R.L. (hereafter APLICACIONES), with domicile in Madrid at 62 Joaquin Maria Lopez street, ZIP 28015, tax ID number B-82450008, registered in the Registry of Companies of Madrid, volume 14642, book 0, page 27, section 8, page M-242691, 1st registration.

These general conditions are complemented by the Legal Notice and the Cookies Policy, as well as by any other specific condition that APLICACIONES may consider necessary to define, and are published on this web site.

The user is invited to read, understand and accept the conditions outlined hereafter, and their acceptance will be expressly understood as soon as the user enters and makes a purchase through the MFBS online sales platform.  These conditions may be adapted or modified, therefore it is advisable to check them periodically, in the understanding that the existing and published conditions at the time when the user accesses this platform shall prevail.

Should the user disagree with all or part of the content of these general conditions, or the Legal Notice, cookies policy, or any other condition, the user is advised not to make any type of download, use or purchase from the MFBS online sales platform.


 2. Register as a user

Use of the MFBS online sales platform

The products offered through the MFBS online sales platform are aimed to physical persons of legal age and capacity, acting as final consumers.  It is forbidden to engage in any kind of professional activity that involves resale or distribution of these products.

In the case of underage individuals (below 18) who wish to purchase MFBS products, they will be required to have parental authorization, or from tutors or their legal representative.  APLICACIONES, will not accept responsibility in the case that the information provided is inaccurate or false.



In order to facilitate the purchase of the products offered by MFBS, it is necessary that the person registers as a user of the platform. This registration can be done at any time, either through the section Registration located on the top left part of the page, or during the purchasing process.

Registration as a user is free and is not subject to any conditions or commitments.  A user may deregister at any time by sending an email to baja@cenp.com.   The user’s deregistration will imply the cancellation of the user’s personal data, as well as the impossibility of making any future online purchases, until the person does not register as a user again.


My account

Once the process is completed, the user will receive an email confirming his/her MFBS registration. As of that moment, the user will be able to access his/her personal account through the section Start Session located on the top left part of the screen.  A user name and password, already defined in the registration process, will be necessary to complete this phase.

Every user is assigned a single account that allows actions such as consultation of purchase history, edit your profile, special promotions, among others.


3. Purchase process

The purchase process includes the following phases:

  • Identification of the browsing and purchasing language to see the products available.
  • Selection of desired theme or family of products to purchase.
  • Selection of the product chosen.
  • Adding your product to the shopping cart. You may continue browsing the web to see other products or finish the process and confirm purchase.
  • Single user’s registration through an email and a password.
  • Selection of method of payment.
  • Confirmation of purchase.
  • An email with information about your order.

4. Products

The products available for sale through the MFBS platform include the following information:

  • Image
  • Name of product
  • Reference
  • Final price
  • Description

5. Price

All the products shown on the MFBS online sales platform clearly show the retail price to the user.  The price is shown in dollars or in euros, and the user may select the preferred currency on the top right part of the page.

APLICACIONES reserves the right to modify prices and products on the sales platform when it deems appropriate, without this affecting in any way products already purchased by a user.  The products will be sold at the price in force at the time of placing the order.


6. The order

Placing an order means that the user expressly and irrevocably accepts the prices and descriptions of the products for sale.  This is, the user declares that he/she is aware of and irrevocably accepts the sales general conditions prior to making the order.  The acceptance of the order implies, therefore, the acceptance of these sales general conditions.

Once an order has been placed, the user will receive a confirmation email with access and downloading instructions.

If for whatever reason the order cannot be completed, APLICACIONES will inform the user accordingly as soon as possible and in writing.  In the case that payment for the product has already been received, APLICACIONES will reimburse the corresponding amount by the same means in which the payment was received.  If, for any reason, any adjustments should be required, the user will be notified and APLICACIONES Customer Service will contact the user to arrange reimbursement.

Eventually, APLICACIONES may offer special promotions of particular products, whose benefit will be subject to the specific conditions established for each individual promotion.

Before completing the purchase process, the user will know the final price of his/her order, with a break down by product, including any promotional discounts, if applicable.


7. Cancelling an order – reimbursements

APLICACIONES does not regard the possibility of cancelling an order already processed or the return of a product already purchased.

In the case of a defective product, the user is advised to contact Customer Support Service at servicioalcliente@cenp.com to report the problem and solve it.  If this is not possible, APLICACIONES will reimburse the user in full for the price of the product, providing that the reasons are attributable to the company.

The clauses stipulated in this document do not limit any applicable compulsory right.


8. Methods of payment

The purchase of a MFBS product may be made by any of the following online methods of payment:

Bank card

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Mastercard
  • American Express




To make a payment by this method the user will need to have a PayPal account. At the time of validating the order the user will enter the email and password associated to his/her PayPal account.


Personal and financial information will automatically be encrypted all through the process of sending all sensitive information to the PayPal servers and APLICACIONES will not receive any kind of data, with the exception of the user’s email address.


9. Issuing invoices 

APLICACIONES makes available to the MFBS online sales platform users a service that will issue invoices for purchases made through this web site.  The user that requires an invoice should fill in the form located in the area Request an Invoice (bottom part of web site)

For queries regarding invoices the user may contact APLICACIONES Customer Service at servicioalcliente@cenp.com


10. Safe purchase 

This web site has a SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) which guarantees the safety of your purchase.  The SSL certificate allows the encryption of the data provided and thus protects against potential hacker attempts, while at the same time it is 99.3% compatible with all browsers and devices.

Therefore, any personal information (credit card, password and so on) that the user enters during the purchase process of a product from the MFBS website, is protected and encrypted.  


11. Period of validity of the product

Once the purchase has been made, the user will be able to enjoy the product for a maximum period of time of two years.  After this time, APLICACIONES will deactivate it without this affecting any other products that the user might have purchased and which are still within the established period of validity.


12. Period of validity of the user and password

APLICACIONES has not defined a period of validity for users and passwords.


13. Case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances

APLICACIONES shall not be held responsible for the total or partial non-compliance, failure or delay to comply with any of the obligations for which it is responsible that occur as a consequence of a case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.

The obligations that might exist will be immediately suspended in the above cases and will prevail along all the duration of the case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.  The obligations will resume as soon as the situation is overcome.  APLICACIONES will keep the user affected by this situation informed at all times.


14. Link to other web sites 

All the contents on the MFBS online sales platform, as well as the products it offers, may contain links to other web sites and/or third-party materials.  APLICACIONES provides these links only for information purposes, but the company exercises no control nor holds any responsibility whatsoever over their contents or potential damage caused as a consequence of accessing them.

APLICACIONES is exempt from any kind of responsibility towards the user in relation to the legal conditions of use and the veracity, updating and legality of the contents that appear on the web pages recommended or that may be linked to them, and so the user is advised to exercise caution when visiting them.


15. Customer service

APLICACIONES makes available to the MFBS online sales platform users a Customer Service department to deal with client’s queries, questions, suggestions or demands, through the email servicioalcliente@cenp.com.

APLICACIONES commits to dealing with any claims in the shortest period of time, and in no case, in more than one month.


16. Legislation

The law that will apply to these general conditions of purchase shall be the Spanish Law notwithstanding the cases in which for imperative reasons the law of other countries should have to be applied.


17. Personal data

In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999, dated 13th December, on Protection of Personal Data (hereafter LOPD) as well as with the Regulations implementing this law, the personal data provided by a user of this web site under his/her express consent, will be incorporated to an automated file of personal data whose ownership belongs to APLICACIONES PROFESIONALES, S.L. (APLICACIONES), domiciled in Madrid at 62 Joaquin Maria Lopez, Madrid street, ZIP 28015, tax ID number B-82450008.  This file is registered in the Spanish Agency of Data Protection under the name of the above mentioned institution, which is also responsible for its processing.

The personal data obtained and entered in the above mentioned automated file are aimed to register the user, process and enable purchases, develop the educational activity, as well as issue invoices.  These data are strictly confidential and are only meant for APLICACIONES.

According to current legislation on the matter, users may exercise their rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition to those data by contacting APLICACIONES through the email serviciosalcliente@cenp.com.

Additionally, unless the person concerned indicates otherwise, the submission of data shall be understood as the express consent for the processing of them, as for APLICACIONES to submit advertising or promotion communications by any means, including electronic means, according to the terms established by the Law 34/2002 of Information Society Services and of Electronic Commerce.  In any case, the person concerned may, at any time, revoke the consent given to receive commercial information.